What We Offer.....

We offer a platform for collaboration between businesses, government, the local community, and investors looking to develop Flores in a way that will maximise its long-term value for all stakeholders. 


We support partnerships between government, businesses, investors and the local community to promote sustainable development.  These will aim to address systemic constraints that  currently impede high-quality development.  These include: 

  • Workforce development: reducing the costs of staff training and retention by developing local workforce capacity. 
  • Local supplier content: helping local businesses to understand new opportunities and supply into higher-value segments. 
  • Sustainable development standards: support businesses and government to develop and enforce sustainability standards that incentivise good practices and protect the natural assets that are of value to all.  
  • Green finance: supporting investors, businesses and government to identify sources of investment for sustainable tourism in Flores. 

Technical Assistance

We provide access to technical assistance for government and business looking to sustainably develop Flores. 

Project Management

We provide project management services for multi-stakeholder initiatives in Flores.